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ECE4001_Exam_1_Spring09+Solutions - Exam 1 ECE 4001...

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Exam 1 ECE 4001 - Engineering Practice and Professionalism February 18, 2009 Page 1 of 9 Name: Student Number: 1. Check that your exam includes all 9 pages (cover, 2 multi-part problems, 2 blank pages, and Z table). 2. Read all instructions and problems carefully. Points will be deducted for failure to follow instructions. 3. Complete the information requested above, and print your name at the top of each of the other pages. 4. Show ALL of your work on pages provided and do not separate your exam pages, but you may remove the Z table to make it easier to use. 5. If you need extra space, use the blank pages provided before the Z table, and clearly note the appropriate problem for any work shown on this page. 6. You are permitted one sheet (8 1/2 x 11, double-sided) of handwritten notes. Photocopies of handwritten notes are not permitted. Use of any other notes, books, or other resources is prohibited. 7. Calculators are permitted; however, you are not allowed to use the calculator memory to store notes, etc 8. Cell phones are not permitted. 9. This exam lasts for 50 minutes. Point values are listed for each problem to assist you in best using your time.
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