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ECE 4175 QUIZ 11-4-09 (1 of 2) High 110 FIVE PROBLEMS Upper quarter 84 Open book, open notes Median 75 Lower quarter 53 I added 10 points to everyone’s grade. Low 21 1. Assume that you have just read the potentiometer on the Qwik&Low board into the eight-bit register, ADRESH. Show the C code to make an unsigned char variable, RANGE, take on values from 0 to 7 [15%] (for equal angular increments) as the pot is rotated from full CCW to full CW. RANGE = ADRESH >> 5; 2. Create a constant string called MyChar that can be sent to the LCD display of your Q&L development board using the DisplayC function so as to create the following user-defined character that can be [20%] displayed via ASCII code 0x01. ooooo ..o. . ..... const rom char MyChar[] = {0x48,0x9F,0x84,0x9F,0x80,0x80,0x80,0x80,0x80,0x00}; 3.a. In the process of reading back the silicon serial number from the SSN chip, how does the PIC18LF4321 chip tell the SSN chip that it is time to emit the next bit of the serial number? The 4321 chip drives the I/O line low and then immediately releases the line. The
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ANS2 - E C E 4 1 7 5 Q U IZ 1 1-4-0 9(1 o f 2 FIV E P R O B...

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