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Email Etiquette: Examples of email communication with your instructor. Screen Capture of Actual Email Messages Received Comments Who sent this message???? Why was Dr. Swanbom copied when Dr. Hall is the teacher? Interesting message Good subject Who sent this message??? Grammar – add question mark after “homework,” and begin a new sentence beginning with “my” Good subject Spelling Who sent this message???? Capitalization Subject should contain more detail Good job of asking professor in advance about an upcoming class absence Too brief Missing punctuation No signature is included Good subject No subject Good start for the body of the message Message identifies the sender (has a signature) Even mean old college teachers love to get messages
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Unformatted text preview: like this one Compound sentence is properly punctuated Salutation and signature are included Example of an acceptable message: ENGR 120 Homework 1 1. Send the instructor an email message using your latech email address. subject: ENGR 120-004, homework 1, problem 1 Dear Dr. __________, (instructor name) Homework 1 for ENGR 120 required that students send their instructor an email using their Louisiana Tech email address. The purpose of this email is to satisfy that requirement. Optional Statement: I enjoyed the first engineering class and am really looking forward to beginning my engineering studies. Best regards, __________________ (student name)...
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