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Module 1 Exercises - PAF 101MODULE 1 GRADE SHEET BASED ON...

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PAF 101—MODULE 1 GRADE SHEET BASED ON CHAPTER 1 Name: Group #: MAXIMUM YOUR EXERCISE POINTS SCORE 1.1 10 ______ 1.2 20 ______ 1.3 17 ______ 1.4 18 ______ 1.5 10 ______ Subtotal for Paper 75 ______ Points Deducted: Late Paper _____ Writing _____ Organization _____ Participation _____ Skills Assessment _____ Total Points Deducted: ______ Extra Credit Points: Competition _____ Speakers _____ Total Extra Credit Points : ______ Total for Paper 75 ______ Total for TPE 50 ______ TOTAL GRADE MODULE ONE 125 ______ #____ (Fall 2010)
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** Whenever you use a source in your answer, including all quotes, you must provide an APA-style internal citation and a full APA-style reference in the References page exercise, except for personal communications. HINT: Most of these exercises require sources unless specified otherwise. ** All newspaper articles must be dated within the past six months. ** Only attach an article if required by exercise directions. Whenever you attach an article, it must be directly behind the exercise in which it appears, and it must be clearly labeled with the exercise number and letter to which it pertains. Attach only the first page of the article unless otherwise stated. ** Do not copy electronic articles into Word documents. Print them directly from the website or other source. ** Unless otherwise stated, begin your answer directly after the colon. ** Do not double space anywhere in your module, except for your reference page. ** Anytime you take information from somewhere you must internally cite sources, even if the exercise says no sources needed. If you fail to do so, you will receive a 0 on your module. **NEVER use international policies or sources in any module. **HINT: For each full exercise, start at the top of each page. **HINT: Don’t use fancy internal citations. Follow this example at all times even though APA permits others formats. (Coplin, 2007, p. 4) Exercise 1.1: Societal Problem and Societal Categories Your Total Score: __________ (Maximum: 10 points) A. Define the term “societal problem” by quoting a full sentence directly from the
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Module 1 Exercises - PAF 101MODULE 1 GRADE SHEET BASED ON...

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