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solution 6-25 (3) n 6-26

solution 6-25 (3) n 6-26 - Chapterj...

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Unformatted text preview: Chapterj Solutions_Manual [2008-09—21 14:10:51] - Windows Internet Explorer Q HpGameg (a?) Learn at HP l0 -. ;— Secure Search l—l I" McAfe-e' YouTube- am- Men. @Chapte:_a_SnIutnomM x lgmmewsmrmfien 9 “xi“? fl ' g V Ifiefiqgev @Teqlsv ” _ Disclosures related to sales and Presentation and Occurrence and rights . receivables relate to the enti disclosure and ob" ations SPECIFIC BALANCE- RELATED AUDIT MANAGEMENT OBJECTIVE ASSERTION COMMENTS at. There are no 2. Completeness Unrecordeci transactions or unrecorded amounts deal with the receivables. lateness ob'ective. b. Receivables have 4. Rights and ReCeivahles not being sold or not been sold or obligations discounted concerns the rights discounted. and otgligau‘ons objective and c. Uncollectible ProderIg for uncollectlble hfigcflxvirwwyahooxonflfrzfplbr magi a Internet l Ploieded Mode: Dn QIOOSE ' J5 ...
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