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solution 10-33 (1)

solution 10-33 (1) - Chapter_10_Solution_Manual 14:13:55...

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Unformatted text preview: Chapter_10_Solution;_Manual {2003-09-21 14:13:55} - Windows Internet EXPIOI'EI HF= Deals ' '2' f - Q HF‘Games (iii) Learn at HP al'le WW ‘i’i.&liE'@'-I‘El’.‘@'fi g Secure Search Iii 'fi‘McAfe-e‘ *' u; 53’ 'fl IEE‘ "Emit-1b» Amen—Met... [@Chapterficfiwimef," x lgmmqimmemm-i l B “W 53 ' fl ' @Pess' @Teeli' » A-equate segregation ot nuttes an- proper aut onzatlon of transactions and activities. Recorded transactions exist. An unauthorized or invalid time card turned in by an existing employee. The time card may be for an employee who formerly worked for the company or one who is temporarily laid off. An employee could be claiming too many hours by having a friend punch him or her in early, or by making manual changes on time cards. Check to see that all employees that are punched in one day are physically present. Adequate documents and records. Existing transactions are recorded. A missing time card number never could be identified before preparation of payroll starts. d. An employee would not be paid for a time period. (T he employee is almost certain to bring this to management‘s attention.) The primary benefit of the control would be to prevent misstatements for a short period of time and to prevent employee dissatisfaction from failure to pay them. e. Obtain a list of company employees and make sure that each one has received a paycheck for the time period in v hfiptffvirwwyahooxunflfmfplbrmgr alntemetll’lotededMode: DI! QIOOSE V J5 — _— » pee (iii iTune: -" ' .. "" auditing and a... l .|-:-dh= “Hear-f... El chapterlEl - M... 2‘ :clurlcn 8-30 r . < l? '5' T" if! 1- 9:04 PM ...
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