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solution 10-34 (2)

solution 10-34 (2) - inlernEI Exglgrer requires the haul of...

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Unformatted text preview: inlernEI Exglgrer requires the haul of a valid receivlrlq report number Deidre the Stemware all ma paymentdn an accounn payable. MquEIE documems and m physical annual aver assets and remade. and independent checks on pan‘nlmalua. Raccrdad transuclidns axis. 1) Fence in (he pl'nysicd facililies and pml'l‘bilan'ulayaa: from parking inside the lemirlg. 2] Requile me mumng department to maintain- perpelual Inventory records‘md take phyflral BOLI'IIE of actual sides dfbeefperlddlcaly. Independent crack: on performance. Retarded transacting as dzlad m flls Currant arr-Jurdx. Counls by qualified pursunnal and independent Chadd! an Flan‘ulmmma. PI'UpEI amhuIizsuion at Iran'samiuns and auivrlies. flanaacddns are smed anhe correct mourns. 1] Make sure that the salesman has awrrerllprice "EL 2] Require Independent approval hi all nmcdms, lncludhg Ihe pride. bEl'utE drilprnent is made. 10-12 III-38 hominid) s. a. Adeqme aeparaiidn of dudes. b. Recorded wansun'uns exist. c. Hark: the mums payable cletk from baby able to make changes an m napalm-ed vendor master lie. Only am purchasing pummel In rnpli flames m thai master fie. 10-37 The criteria for delng limes Is to keep 3! easel custody chilies m dne ...
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