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solution 12-20 - 5 internet Ecplmrer m-iveerlllemlntledma...

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Unformatted text preview: 5. internet Ecplmrer m-iveerlllemlntledma sequense of lllpll pummel. benches summed * Thls solunlon assumes Ihe dam control procedures wll senre as a check on Ihe compuner operalbr and will allocate wk across both permns. d. 'If all five lunotlons wete performed by one person, lnnemal normal would oandriy be weakened. Howavel. Ihe oorruany need not be uriaudilahla, fol nun reasons: first, there may he cannot ous'da [he IT funclion which accomplish good control. For exxnpla uses may reooncile dl input and ou1pu'l dala on a regular basis. Second. me auu'mwis not requied no rely on lmernal mall. He or she may take a melamine ample-am to [he audl assuming adequale evidence ls amiable In support oftransacllons and balances. '12-8 ...
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