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2 MUTATIONS AND MUTANTS GENOTYPE AND PHENOTYPE GENOTYPE- nucleotide sequence of a gene - chromosome - genome wild-type, mutation (change in nucleotide sequence), mutant PHENOTYPE- characteristic one can observe wild-type and mutant Mutations in the lactose operon MUTANT SELECTION, ENRICHMENT, SCORING Streptomycin sensitivity and resistance Histidine auxotroph Penicillin enrichment Replica plating MUTATIONS Substitutions, deletions, insertions, inversions, frameshifts Mutagens Nitrous acid - a chemical that reacts with DNA 5-Bromouracil - a nucleic acid analog that is incorporated into DNA GENETIC CODE DOMINANCE Allele, heterozygous, phenotype determined by one allele when two different alleles are present Partial diploid (Fertility Factor, Hybrid Plasmid)
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