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3 BIO 97 FINAL EXAM Version A 2008 Section A Name _____________________________ID#_ _____________ Multiple Choice Section 1pt each 1 What version of the exam do you have? A. A B. C. D. 2 Which of the following statements is INCORRECT with respect to transposons? A. Have been used by scientists to map the bacterial genome B. Can move bacterial genes around the genome C. Encode transposase D. Serve as sites of recombination E. Create a short, direct duplication of the target sequence at each end of the inserted element A 3 Answer the following set of related questions: I. Your friend’s twin sister has skin cancer. Since you took Bio 97, your friend asks you if she will get skin cancer too. You consider that her grandfather had colon cancer but that no one else in the family has cancer. You tell her: II. You decide to do a karyotype analysis of the skin tumor taken from your friend’s sister. It shows that one of the two chromosome 4’s is missing a region (has a deletion) on one arm. Would you expect to find the same deletion on chromosome 4 in a cell taken from the sister’s normal skin? III. Your friend discovers that she and her twin sister were adopted and that many relatives in her biological family have developed similar skin cancers (going back several generations and including other newly discovered siblings). Would you expect that the gene in the deleted region, but on the intact chromosome 4 from the tumor, is functional? A. I. No II. No III. Yes B. I. Yes II. Yes III. Yes C. I. Yes II. No III. No D. I. No II. No III. No E. I. Yes II. No III. Yes D
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4 4 Which of the following is FALSE about restriction enzymes? A. They are isolated from different bacterial strains B. They produce blunt or sticky ends C. They often recognize palindromic sequences D. They have exonuclease activity E. Their activity can be repaired by a ligase D 5 Which one of the following does NOT describe a checkpoint gene? A. Rb B. Keeps cells with damaged DNA from undergoing mitosis C. Is a tumor suppressor gene D. When mutated, contributes to genetic instability in cancer E. Can be activated by gain of function mutations to promote cancer E 6 Practical applications of recombinant DNA technology include the … A. Efficient production of useful proteins. B. Generation of DNA and RNA sequences for use in medical diagnosis C. Manipulation of the genotype of domesticated animals and plants D. Use of gene therapy. E. All of the above E 7 Which of the following statements is TRUE? A. A crossover in every meiosis generates recombinant and parental gametes. B. The map distance between two genes equals the average number of crossovers that take place in the region. C. ry cn +/ + + vg X ry + vg/ + cn + is an example of a testcross used in meiotic mapping. D.
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2008SecAvAKEY - BIO 97 FINAL EXAM 2008 Section A Version A...

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