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winter 08 midterm1+answer+set - Chem 1B McKeachie Midterm 1...

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Chem 1B McKeachie Midterm 1 Winter 2008 Do not open the exam until you are instructed to do so. Read the instructions while you wait. You should have an exam with 20 multiple choice questions, this cover sheet, a periodic table, a set of relevant data/constants, and one empty piece of paper to use as scratch. If this is not the case, let a TA know immediately so we can get you another exam. Feel free to dismantle your exam to your liking, as we only will be collecting your scantron form. Please note the exam is printed on both sides of the paper. The exam will last 45 minutes. Use a #2 pencil to bubble in your answer to each question on the provided scantron form. You must pass your scantron down the aisle as instructed immediately when time is up. Failure to do so will result in your exam not being graded. This is a closed book test, so put all notes, books, laptops, etc. away and keep your bag/purse under your seat at all times. Keep a record on your exam of your answers to each question, as you will not be getting your scantron back. A key will be posted shortly after the 2 PM exam this afternoon so you can check your recorded answers here against the answers from the key. If you think there is a problem with your score, see Dr. McKeachie during an office hour and he will investigate your score with you. REMEMBER: YOU CANNOT HAVE A GRAPHING CALCULATOR OUT ON YOUR DESK DURING THE EXAM. Any student who cheats on the exam will receive an F grade for the course and a letter will be sent to his/her Dean explaining the cause.
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EXAM FORM = D 1. What exam form do you have? a) A b) B c) C d) D e) I don’t know (upon marking e on your scantron, you will be immediately emailed an application for unemployment) 2. Consider the following gas samples: Sample A Sample B S 2 ( g ) O 2 (g) n = 1 mol n = 2 mol T = 800 K T = 400 K P = 0.20 atm P = 0.40 atm Which one of the following statements is false?
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winter 08 midterm1+answer+set - Chem 1B McKeachie Midterm 1...

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