winter 08 MWF purple+midterm+2

winter 08 MWF purple+midterm+2 - ? .^rgttrY f The d iagram...

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?.^rgtt frY 1. water Using b l,*o\ of F'or 2 pressure/ atm 1 a. e points) Indicate the curve corresponding to mercury (Hg) and the curve corresponding to wate r by labeling the curves on the plot' b. $ points) The molar heat of vaporization !AH'"P) for water is 40.6;kllmol. Do you expect AH'up for Hg to be 23.45 kJlmol or 59'11 kJlmol? Explain your answer. (no points awarded without an explanation) , 0l T ev1fr-+ Atlv*p : 5{. f t lt%ut ft" H3. ft\Q,tc*tl hr'r 'tt{ vcWeu bo^otur1 D,v.F w\t.&<\ l{r,O iS 0"Irl l{-5*1"n5. fl*'r h!r') "atat Cuer5 1 shud h nrlwNcJ to b..^t",K \f tl{ !'nF s t\ | -vt 0+ }t5 d-l U '(h{^( ft'( t o\ouse fu "JC \e' o | 'tk Z The diagram below contains vaPor Pressure-temperature curves for and mercury (in no particular, with an external pressure of 1 atm' it, answer the following questions' [r o S)ubl1 A AvAP vatutc S' c. - g poinis) The normal boiling point of water is 100.0 'C. pressure is changed to 0.80 atm, would you expect the boiling increase, decrease, or remain the same? Explain your answer' awarded without an exPlanation) | fh tuit"nl
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winter 08 MWF purple+midterm+2 - ? .^rgttrY f The d iagram...

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