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CEMETERY|SITECODE|PERIOD|LU_INT|E_DATE|L_DATE|CONTEXT|SEX|AGE|X_RAY|PHOTO| BONE_PRESERVATION|TRUNCATED|SUB_SAMPLED|PBR|BIOGRAPHIC_DATA|BURIAL_TYPE|COMMENTS Post-Medieval-St. Benet sherehog|ONE94|42|OA201|1670|1853|12|FEMALE|ADULT 36-45 YEARS||Y|GOOD||||||SMALL PATCHS OF COPPER STAINING ON THE SKULL. Post-Medieval-St. Benet sherehog|ONE94|42|OA201|1670|1853|13|FEMALE?|ADULT >46 YEARS||Y|GOOD||YES||||RIGHT MC2 X-RAYED,R.IVES. Post-Medieval-St. Benet sherehog|ONE94|42|OA201|1670|1853|14|MALE|ADULT 36-45 YEARS|||MODERATE|||||| Post-Medieval-St. Benet sherehog|ONE94|42|OA201|1670|1853|15|MALE|ADULT 26-35 Post-Medieval-St. Benet sherehog|ONE94|0|OA0|1745||18|FEMALE|ADULT >46 YEARS|Y|Y| MODERATE||||||MRS ESTHER JURIN. Post-Medieval-St. Benet sherehog|ONE94|42|OA201|1670|1853|19|FEMALE|ADULT >46 YEARS||Y|GOOD||YES||||RIGHT MC2 X-RAYED, R.IVES. Post-Medieval-St. Benet sherehog|ONE94|42|OA201|1737||20|FEMALE|ADULT >46 YEARS||Y| MODERATE||||||ELIZABETH MOORE (?) Post-Medieval-St. Benet sherehog|ONE94|42|OA201|1670|1853|23|MALE|ADULT >46 YEARS|||GOOD||YES||||LEFT AND RIGHT MC2 X-RAYED,R.IVES. Post-Medieval-St. Benet sherehog|ONE94|42|OA201|1670|1853|24|FEMALE|ADULT 26-35 YEARS|||GOOD||YES||||RIGHT MC2 X-RAYED,R.IVES. Post-Medieval-St. Benet sherehog|ONE94|42|OA201|1670|1853|27|MALE?|ADULT 36-45 YEARS|||GOOD||YES||||COPPER STAINING ON THE SKULL.LEFT & RIGHT MC2 X- RAYED,R.IVES.ANTEMORTEM TOOTH LOSS OF ALL MOLARS SO AGE BY DENTAL WEAR HAS NOT BEEN ASSESSED. Post-Medieval-St. Benet sherehog|ONE94|42|OA201|1670|1853|34|UNSEXED CHILD|SUB- ADULT 6-11 YEARS|||GOOD||||||SEVERAL DEVELOPING MAXILLARY PERMANENT TEETH WERE IT PRESENT. Post-Medieval-St. Benet sherehog|ONE94|42|OA201|1670|1853|35|MALE?|ADULT 36-45 Post-Medieval-St. Benet sherehog|ONE94|42|OA201|1670|1853|37|UNDETERMINABLE| UNCLASSIFIED ADULT|||GOOD||YES||||LEFT MC2 X-RAYED,R.IVES. Post-Medieval-St. Benet sherehog|ONE94|42|OA201|1670|1853|38|MALE|ADULT 18-25 YEARS|||GOOD||||||FUSION LINES ARE STILL VISIBLE FOR THE PROXIMAL HUMERAL EPIPHYSES AND DISTAL ULNAE EPIPHYSES. Post-Medieval-St. Benet sherehog|ONE94|42|OA201|1670|1853|50|FEMALE?|ADULT 36-45 YEARS||Y|MODERATE||||||BONE SURFACE IS HEAVILY AFFECTED BY TAPHONOMIC CHANGE. Post-Medieval-St. Benet sherehog|ONE94|42|OA201|1670|1853|52|MALE|ADULT 26-35 Post-Medieval-St. Benet sherehog|ONE94|42|OA201|1670|1853|54|MALE|ADULT 36-45 YEARS||Y|GOOD||||||BLACK SUBSTANCE STAINING SOME OF THE BONES. Post-Medieval-St. Benet sherehog|ONE94|42|OA201|1670|1853|63|UNSEXED CHILD|SUB- ADULT 1-5 YEARS|||MODERATE|||||| Post-Medieval-St. Benet sherehog|ONE94|42|OA201|1670|1853|66|FEMALE|ADULT 26-35 YEARS|||GOOD||||||DENTAL WEAR NOT USED TO ESTIMATE AGE DUE TO ANTEMORTEM LOSS AND Post-Medieval-St. Benet sherehog|ONE94|42|OA201|1670|1853|78|FEMALE|ADULT 36-45
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This note was uploaded on 02/09/2011 for the course HIS 56kl taught by Professor Branestawm during the Fall '10 term at Norwich.

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