Flat peyote stitch even count (printed)

Flat peyote stitch even count (printed) - next row 2 bead 4...

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Copyright 1999 by Rita Sova Flat Peyote Stitch (Even Count) 1. Pick up all beads for rows 1 and 2. I marked these with X's on my patterns. Leave a tail to weave in later. You may add a stop bead (keeps beads from falling of tail end until they become secure). Remove the stop bead when beads are stable. 2. Row 3: Pick up one bead. Skip last bead in row 1. Insert needle through the last bead in row 2. 3. Repeat to end of row 3: Pick up one bead, skip a row 1 bead, insert needle through the
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Unformatted text preview: next row 2 bead. 4. Row 4: As in row 3 you are filling in the holes. Repeat the above to finish. Zipping the sides together: 1. Circle stitch the 2 end beads together. 2. Follow the path. Only going through the beads sticking out on either edge. 3. Circle stitch the other 2 end beads together to finish zipping up the sides. = row 3 = row 4 Tail end = row 1 = row 2 = Rows 1 & 2 = Last 2 rows. Stop Bead Many instructions and patterns are available at: http://www.bead-patterns.com...
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