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Reversible Necklace Materials Needed: Beading Thread or Monofilament Line and size 7beading needle 194 pc- 4mm White Pearls 244 pc- 3mm White Pearls 251 pc- 3 x 6mm White Pearl Rice Beads 61 - Faceted Beads in crystal 1 - 2 strand adjustable necklace clasp Instructions 1. Knot thread to each of the loops of the necklace clasp. See figure 1 . 2. Thread the needle and place 1-4mm pearl on the left thread and 2-4mm pearls on the right thread. See figure 1 . Figure 1
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Figure 3 3. Refer to figure 3 and bring the left thread through the 2nd bead on the right thread. Repeat step 2 and 3 until all of the 4mm pearls are used. Knot onto other side of the necklace clasp, glue all 4 knots and trim excess thread when dry. 4. Thread your needle with another piece of jewelry thread and fasten to the lower loop of the adjustable necklace clasp. See figure 4 and thread through the 5 beads as shown. Thread on 7 - 3x6mm oat pearls. Thread through the 3rd pearl in the bottom row as shown to create the first loop. Figure 4 5. Refer to figure 5 and thread 4 - 3mm pearls, 1 - 6mm faceted bead, 4 - 3x6mm oat pearls and then go through the 4th bead on the necklace as shown in figure 5 and
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New jewelry1(printed) - Reversible Necklace Materials...

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