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O ne winter when I was in grade school, we folded white tissue paper in three folds, made intricate cuts with the sharpest scissors we could find, then very carefully unfolded it to reveal a delicate six-sided snowflake. I was an Illinois farm girl who had often delighted in holding out the arm of my brown woolen winter coat so snowflakes could land on it (about the only delight I had in win- ter). Their shapes and complexity enthralled me. I made myriads, covering the windows of our house for the holidays. A couple of years ago, I developed a simple beaded snowflake ornament. I made several variations and mailed them to friends in my holiday cards. The next year, I taught the snowflake at out bead society holiday party in Sarasota and was delighted with the wonderful variations my talented and imaginative friends created. The snowflake doesn’t require many materials, is quite easy, and works up in less than an hour. I've tried several variations with my two basic design ele- ments—the circle and the triangle—and have come
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CrystalSnowflake - Crystal Snowflake Ruth Danielle...

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