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Cute Couple Cuffs Shelley Nybakke A good friend asked Shelley to make him a bracelet. She knew right away she would use copper cubes and brass tubes to give it a masculine look. After she had finished, she decided it was too pretty to be a man’s bracelet only, so she made one for herself but slightly smaller. technique >> square stitch BEADWORK online 1 of 3 beadwork online Copyright Beadwork ® magazine, Interweave Press LLC. Not to be reprinted. All rights reserved.
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her bracelet 1: Frame. Square-stitch a band, leaving a win- dow down the center: Row 1: Use 6' of thread to string a tension bead, then string 8 cubes, leaving a 12" tail. Row 2: String 2 cubes. Pass through the sec- ond-to-last bead of Row 1 and through the second cube just strung ( Figure 1a ). String 1 cube; pass through the third-to- last cube in Row 1 and through the cube just strung. Repeat to the end of the row. Pass through Rows 1 and 2 again, exiting Row 2 ( Figure 1b ). Rows 3 and 4: Repeat Row 2. Rows 5–59: Working on top of the first 2 cubes in Row 4, square-stitch Column A that is 2 cubes wide by 55 rows long. Repeat to add a second column (B) on top of the last 2 cubes in Row 4 ( Figure 2 ). Row 60: Square-stitch 2 cubes on top of Col- umn A. String 5 cubes; square-stitch the fifth cube strung on top of the inside cube in Column B. Square-stitch 1 cube to complete the row on Column B ( Figure 3 ).
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Cute-Couple-Cuffs - technique > square stitch b eadwork...

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