Seed beads - Chain of hearts

Seed beads - Chain of hearts - Chain Stitch these sweet...

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O ne Christmas, my husband gave me a shoebox with 180 little boxes of seed beads. You would have thought he had given me the Hope Diamond. He told me he had chosen them from a close-out bin. It was amus- ing to picture him sorting through beads, but I knew it was a real testimony of love. So I only giggled a little bit. Though I am always looking for new inspiration, I think Russian beadwork is my favorite source. Looking through my books on this topic inspired me to cre- ate my sweetheart necklace design. step by step To achieve the heart shape, you must keep the thread tension taut so the skipped beads pop out. Thread a needle with 4 yd. (3.6m) of thread. String a bead 3 in. (8cm) from the tail end. Tie the tail and working thread in a surgeon’s knot (see “Basics”) over the bead. Glue the knot and string a bead tip over the bead (photo) . Trim the thread tail close to the bead. Chain Stitch these sweet links into a necklace or bracelet by Josette Maguire
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String 3 A beads, 2 B beads, and 3 A beads. Continue through the first 6 beads strung (figure 1, a-b) . Skip bead 7 and go through bead 8, pulling the thread taut so that bead 7 pops out, becoming a “point” bead. Skip bead 1 and go through the next 4 beads (b-c) . String 6 As and 1 B. Sew through
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Seed beads - Chain of hearts - Chain Stitch these sweet...

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