agribus - College of Food, Agricultural, &...

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Unformatted text preview: College of Food, Agricultural, & Environmental Sciences For more information, check these web sites: Agribusiness & Applied Economics A gribusiness includes firms that produce, process, distribute, and sell food, fiber, and other bio-based products derived from agricultural products. The major in agribusiness and applied economics integrates business and economic principles to prepare graduates to manage, market, and finance agribusiness firms in domestic and international markets and to manage the appropriate use of natural resources. Students majoring in agribusiness and applied economics will be able to do the following: ¡ •¡Understand¡and¡apply¡business¡and¡economic¡principles¡to¡ issues confronting domestic and international agribusiness ¡ •¡Make¡well-reasoned¡business¡and¡economic¡decisions,¡¡ which reflect private business, public welfare, and ethical concerns ¡ •¡Communicate¡effectively,¡both¡orally¡and¡in¡writing¡ ¡ •¡Provide¡leadership¡in¡solving¡economic¡and¡agribusiness¡ problems Pursuing Agribusiness & Applied Economics at Ohio State All freshman applicants are considered within a competitive admission¡process.¡The¡primary¡criteria¡for¡admission¡are¡the¡ completion¡of¡the¡preparatory¡program,¡performance¡in¡that¡ program¡and¡performance¡on¡the¡ACT¡or¡SAT. Students¡may¡declare¡a¡major¡in¡agribusiness¡and¡applied¡ economics¡any¡time¡after¡admission¡to¡Ohio¡State.¡No¡conditions¡ exist for admission to the major except eligible academic standing¡at¡Ohio¡State.¡An¡overall¡average¡grade¡of¡C¡or¡better¡is¡ required for graduation. Experienced¡faculty¡members¡teach¡the¡courses¡in¡the¡major.¡In¡ recent¡years,¡faculty¡members¡have¡won¡35¡teaching¡awards¡ and written 60 books and multiple scientific research articles. The¡faculty¡is¡also¡diverse¡with¡two-thirds¡having¡international¡ agricultural experience. Each student enrolled in the major is assigned¡a¡faculty¡advisor. Agribusiness & Applied Economics Requirements As¡a¡student¡in¡agribusiness¡and¡applied¡economics,¡you¡will¡take¡ 61¡to¡65¡quarter¡credit¡hours¡of¡required¡and¡elective¡courses.¡ ¡ •¡Required¡classes:¡ ¡ ¡ ¡ Managerial¡Economics ¡ ¡ ¡ Price¡Analysis ¡ ¡ ¡ Principles¡of¡Agribusiness¡Finance...
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agribus - College of Food, Agricultural, &...

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