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Alejandro S. Gonzalez (10896252) Refresher Final Paper Ethics/Organizational Behavior Refresher Dr. Ben Teehankee HISTORY Telecommunications giant Verizon has gone through numerous incarnations from its prestigious origin more than 115 years ago, evolving from the American Telephone and Telegraph Company (AT&T), which was founded in 1885. The company's history mirrors the history of telephone service itself in the United States. Verizon was called The Chesapeake and Potomac (C&P) Telephone Company of West Virginia on May 11, 1916. It began its operations on January 1, 1917, assuming the West Virginia operations of the Central District and Printing Telegraph Co., The Chesapeake and Potomac of Maryland and Southern Bell. On Jan 1, 1884 the company merged with Bell Atlantic Corporation which was formed after the divestiture of the Bell System. And on June 30, 2000 Bell Atlantic and GTE merge and became VERIZON. Verizon's International segment incorporates wire line and wireless telecommunications operations in the Americas, Europe, Asia, and the Pacific. In Asia, Verizon has a presence in India, Indonesia, Japan, the Philippines, Taiwan, and Thailand. Verizon's European operations include Italy, Greece, the Czech Republic, Gibraltar, the United Kingdom and elsewhere as the company poises for additional opportunities in the region as technology progresses and regulations alter there. VISION STATEMENT IT Strategy and Planning seeks to maximize the value of Information Technology for the benefit of Verizon stakeholders, including Verizon business units, Verizon customers, Verizon stockholders, the Verizon leadership team, and the communities Verizon serves. MISSION STATEMENT IT Strategy & Planning oversees key initiatives across Verizon Information Technology to improve coordination and planning, and to strengthen the organization’s culture of teamwork, creativity, and leadership. 1
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VERIZON COMMITMENT AND VALUES The Verizon commitment is to put our customers first by providing excellent service and great communications experiences. This is what we do and this is why we exist. By focusing on our customers and being responsible members of our communities, we will produce a solid return for our shareowners, create meaningful work for ourselves and provide something of lasting value for society. As a result, Verizon will be recognized as a great company. In order to keep this commitment, we need to always honor our core values: INTEGRITY Integrity is at the heart of everything we do. We are honest, ethical and upfront because trust is at the foundation of our relationships with our customers, our communities, our stakeholders and each other. RESPECT We know it is critical that we respect everyone at every level of our business. We champion diversity, embrace individuality and listen carefully when others speak. PERFORMANCE EXCELLENCE
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AlejandroGonzalezEthicsPaper - Alejandro S. Gonzalez...

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