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De La Salle University Graduate School of Business MANONG’S ISKRAMBOL MARKETING PLAN
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CREATED BY:  ALEJANDRO S. GONZALEZ DLSU ID #  10896252 Manong’s Iskrambol (Ice Scramble) “ice nostalgia sweet” 1.0 Executive Summary Iskrambol is a Filipino cold dessert made from shaved ice banana-flavored smoothie. The most popular flavor is banana, which resembles the banana con-hielo, another Filipino cold desert. Manong's Iskrambol provides colorful varieties by using two or more different syrups (chocolate and strawberry). To sweeten the Iskrambol, sugar and evaporated milk is often mixed with the ice shavings. It is a hybrid of the Kakigori of Japan and the Strawberry Shake of the United States. The traditional way of making Iskrambol involves using a hand cranked machine to spin a block of ice over an ice shaving blade. However, Manong's Iskrambol uses electric ice shavers to make the flakes more fine and powdery in consistency. Iskrambol is seen in the Philippine Market as a street food sold together with Sorbetes, Sago and Gulaman in the late 1980's and slowly retired, because of contamination with the Hepatitis A virus, in the late 1990's. During fiestas, Iskrambol comes back to the streets every now and then. Manong's Iskrambol is a start-up stall that serves Iskrambol in the middle of the streets of Agora Public Market in San Juan. After the slow rise of ice cream stores for the sweet tooth and the frozen yogurt stores for the health conscious, Manong's Iskrabol is trying to create a new market that surrounds about nostalgic flavors. 2.0 Situation Analysis Manong’s Iskrambol is entering its first year of operation. I the basis of past experience, from the growth of street food and cold dessert market, its product have been well received by the public. The connotation of being classified under street food still links the product to unhygienic and unsafe consumer goods. Marketing will be the key to develop a brand about the total make-over of the product as well as creating an effective product awareness drive that will boost the growth and trust for the product for years to come. The sales volume for functional drinks segment in the Philippines has increased 67% from 2004 to 2008 for an increased volume of 125.9 million liters. This segment is divided into three categories fruit, milk and energy drinks. The consumption rate in 2008 has reached 29.5 liters, which is around 7% increase from the last study in 1999. The growth of this particular market is largely due to a shift in consumer trends that has been the result of the existence of the coffee, milk shake and fruit shake industry. 2.1 Market Summary There is fairly big information about the market regarding street food specifically of the cold desserts such as Mias Con-Hielo, Manila Street Ice Cream, Halo-Halo and the likes. Manong’s Iskrambol has common attributes with these consumer products. The information in the succeeding section is leveraged on a better understanding of the customers being served by
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