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About us Locations Party packages Franchise Icebreaker Scrambles Brings Back the Nostalgic Memories of Pinoy Iskrambol The all-time favorite iskrambol is now made safer and more delicious for kids and kids-at-heart 08.22.10 MANILA No other Pinoy street food could remind us of our fondest childhood memories quite like the Pinoy iskrambol . Kids of the 80s and 90s would always cherish those memories of them secretly buying a cup of this pink iced beverage despite the warning that they might get hepatitis for doing so. Since time immemorial, eating iskrambol has always been considered a guilty pleasure because of its unsanitary nature. But Icebreaker Scrambles decided to change this image of the Pinoy iskrambol by offering equally tempting and hepatitis-free ice scrambles for the guilt-free enjoyment of everyone. The same iskrambol treat sans the threat of hepatitis and other diseases Unlike the manongs who prepare iskrambol in dirty pails with their unwashed utensils and hands,
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