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MobileIN.com Outline for VoIP Implementation Workshop FULL OUTLINE Process Overview System Selection Test Plan/System Testing Old Features Features to Abandon New Features Migration Planning Staging System Cut-Over Configuration Circuit Inventory Traffic Studies Ehrlangs / CCS Blocking Quality Tolerance Routing IP-IP, IP-PSTN, PSTN-PSTN 911/Emergency Calls System Components/Requirements Phone Sets ACD Paging Announcements Voice Mail Calling Features CTI ACD Music on Hold Cabling Maintenance Sparing Plan Multinational Considerations Legal/Regulatory Homologation Environmental Power Space HVAC Logistics Security Delivery Processes and Procedures Enterprise Site End User Maintenance In house Outsource Hybrid Communications Facilities Security Finance End Users Detailed Project Plan Execution Technician Training End-User Training Conclusion "Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)-driven training gets right to the issues: no fluff, no waste of time. Just information."
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