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URCO University Research Coordination Office LS Mezz. 154 - 155 * Local 164 _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ _________ RESEARCH PROPOSAL GUIDELINES POINTS TO CONSIDER I. RESEARCH TITLE 1. Research Title must be reflective of its problem 2. It must answer the following questions: 2.1 What question will answer THE FOLLOWING 2.1.1 What are you trying to investigate? 2.1.2 What are you trying to find out, determine or discover? 2.2 Who question will answer who are the respondents or subjects of the study 2.3 Where question will indicate the research locale, setting or the place where the research study is conducted. II. BACKGROUND OF THE STUDY 1. The proponent should describe the existing and prevailing problem situation based on his/her experience. This scope may be global, national, regional and local. 2. The proponent should give strong justification for selecting such research problem in his/her capacity as a researcher. Being a part of the organization or systems and the desire and concern to improve the systems. 3. The researcher should link and relate the background of the study to the proposed research problem. III. REVIEW OF RELATED LITERATURE 1. Related literature includes research findings, published or unpublished theories and principles formulated by experts or authorities in some field or discipline; and ideas or opinions of experts contained in books, pamphlets magazines and periodicals. 2. It should be written in terms of the purpose of the study. 3. It should give more weight to studies considered more authoritative as evaluated and should give reference to primary rather than secondary sources. 4. It should be organized thematically to conform with the specific problems. 5. It should be synthesized such that evidence from all the studies reviewed would get an overall understanding of the state of knowledge in the problem area. IV.
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ResearchProposalGuidelines - URCO University Research...

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