quiz 1 - il,Ge~ i ~ = ~,c'IiIiCh C C HEM 3511 Survey of...

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i CHEM 3511: Survey of Biochemistry il,Ge~., ' Summer 2010 ',', ~ \, . ""'IiIiCh 'C, ,c' QUIZ #1 ~ = June 1, 2010 ANSwER 1- 80 Name Roster # 1. What is the hydrophobic effect? (10 points) !he +endency .£,. nonpolar 1r 0ups /mblec.ules -to e }(cluae ~ety) selves ~M wa::t:a:.-r. 2. Which of the following compounds is an amphiphile? __ ----:;B;:;.-. ,(5 points} Chemical Name Chemical Structure a Urea 0 H 2 AH 2 b Palmitic acid CH3(CH:J14COOH c Water H 2 O d Phosphate PO/- HAS A NON POLA42. I~, ....... HYDRO CAft60r:: I A I ~j At-J D A Po L. .AP-. H ~ AD GRDU(J 3. Name anyone trace element found in biological systems. See ~ 9" I-J., (5 points) ® 2 pts - IF 0. MOPERATEl.'! ABuNDANT E~M. .cNT SELEc, eD 4. Other than glycine, give the name, 3-letter abbreviation and 1-letter abbreviation for any two amino acids. Also indicate the general classification of the amino acid (nonpolar, polar charged, or polar uncharged). (5 points each; 40 points) General Classification 1-Letter Abbreviation 3-Letter Abbreviation Amino Acid
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5. Derive the Henderson-Hasselbalch equation for a weak base (use NHJ in water using the hints below. (15 points) Step #1 : Chemical equation
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quiz 1 - il,Ge~ i ~ = ~,c'IiIiCh C C HEM 3511 Survey of...

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