quiz 6 - C HEM 3511: Survey o f Biochemistry Quiz # 6 -...

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CHEM 3511: Survey of Biochemistry Quiz #6 - July 6, 2010 This quiz was completed in compliance with the Georgia Tech Honor Code. fA NS ~l) eA" KE:Li __ Print Name 0 ... Signature Roster # 1. Provide a short answer for the following: (5 points each; 40 points) 'TY t~ \ ft" ~ ;4- a. Process for producing glucose from pyruvate G U CD neo eJ ec f' D h '. , ~, G'/" "1(10, PhC6r-hoFlv/QJC:: b. Any enzyme involved in g,~~g~t~;~f;J (uf<1f'.u~~:~q'l G.,tyc;~¥1'1 DelJrlv.cJ,q;~f t.A1(fr./ =- /llDP-GlucoSe. P'ft"OphOSphD'(f:oGe, J ~:tyc~~" " c. Any enzyme involved in glycogen synthesis p.34C; - 31.1' f y-,<>'SJ' he> c;.lV1c,,,,,,vt,-i?:\.~ ~Y ,,'-W. .aJ.L- --d , d. Process in which there is a gain of electrons R~2CJuC-h\ 01/ ~ rtt~,dL~(J e. Form (molecule) in which carbon leaves the t-,rli~' !J 1) . citric acid cycle - f. An isomerase in the citric acid cycle g. Location in the cell where glycolysis occurs h. Any enzyme representing a step at which the citric acid cycle is inhibited by NADH Draw any ATP-forming reaction in glycolysis. Give the name of the substrate, product(s), cofactor(s),
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quiz 6 - C HEM 3511: Survey o f Biochemistry Quiz # 6 -...

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