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The Main Themes of Microbiology Chapter Summary This chapter introduces the student to the world of microbiology, both the good aspects and the detrimental. The chapter reveals the scope of microbiology and gives a broad overview of the areas of science included in this topic. The student will receive an introduction to the history of microbiology. The text covers the major scientific contributions to the development of microbiology. A significant portion of the historical description is devoted to the development of the microscope and the formation of the germ theory. The student will also be introduced to the levels of classification. The basis of taxonomy is discussed and the order of assigning specific names is clearly presented. There is also a discussion of the origin and evolution of microorganisms that should trigger a good classroom discussion. Chapter Outline I. The Scope of Microbiology A. Includes bacteria, viruses, fungi, protozoa, algae and helminths B. Includes the study of immunology, public health, epidemiology, food microbiology, agricultural microbiology, biotechnology, genetic engineering, and recombinant DNA technology II. The Impact of Microbes on Earth A. Energy and Nutrient Flow B. Human Use of Microbes C. Infectious Diseases and the Human Condition III. The General Characteristics of Microorganisms A. Cellular Organization 1. Procaryotic Cells 2. Eucaryotic Cells B. A Note on Viruses C. Microbial Dimensions: How Small is Small? D. Life-styles of Microorganisms 1. Parasites 2. Hosts IV. The Historical Foundations of Microbiology A. The Development of the Microscope: "Seeing Is Believing" B. The Rise of the Scientific Method C. The Development of Medical Microbiology D. The Discovery of Spores and Sterilization E. The Development of Aseptic Technique F. The Discovery of Pathogens and the Germ Theory of Disease V. Taxonomy: Organizing, Classifying, and Naming Microorganisms A. Three domains B. Five kingdoms
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chapt01 - Chapter 1 The Main Themes of Microbiology Chapter...

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