1 - errors or frauds that could occur because of the...

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Date: Thu, 17 JAN 2008 7:42:53 +0000 From: "Darlene Wardlaw" <DW@aow.cpa> Subject: Understanding the Revenue Cycle Attachment: <<RevenueICQ.doc>> I’ve attached a Sales internal control questionnaire from another engagement that I think you can use for Apollo. You may want to talk to Karina Ramirez to get answers to the questions. 1. Complete the ICQ for Apollo. For “yes” answers, add a comment stating which department and clerk performs the function. For “no” answers, describe the possible
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Unformatted text preview: errors or frauds that could occur because of the control weakness 2. Ive started a flowchart and listed some strengths and weaknesses, but had to leave before I could finish it. See if you need to add any more strengths and/or weaknesses that you find from the ICQ and narrative descriptions of the revenue cycle. DW...
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