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NC Division of Mental Health, Developmental Service Notes Disabilities, and Substance Abuse Services Individual: Curtis Liles Medicaid ID#:256-57-9202G Record Number:032569 Date:09/26/10 *Shift/Duration of Service:180minutes Purpose of Curtis will improve his socialization skills as evidence by choosing and participating in social events/activities in the community in turn also decreasing depression. Intervention(s) [what you did]: PP implemented strategies that would enhance his ability to manage his Depression as evident by increase social interaction without fear or suspicion, behavior rehearsal, and role reversal to increase Curtis’s coping skills. PP first educated Curtis on depression and ways to bypass occurrences. There are many effective ways to deal with depression, including lifestyle changes, therapy, medications, and alternative treatments. PP motivated Curtis by stating even if you need other treatment as well, lifestyle changes go a long way towards helping lift depression. And they can help keep depression at bay once you are feeling better. PP then arranged a role playing techniques that would assist Curtis in testing out each coping strategy. The first strategy way stress reduction. PP directed Curtis to make a list of all his stressors and with PP guidance try to minimize them from his life. Next there is sleep, this is an easy one. PP urge Curtis that if he was really serious about ridding himself of depression, he would just get a good amount of sleep and make it an consistent habit. Next there is exercise, PP and Curtis had previously addressed this topic and Curtis is now signing up for classes at the gym. Next there is nutrition; PP suggested for an
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Curtis2 - Service Notes Individual: Curtis Liles...

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