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NC Division of Mental Health, Developmental Service Notes Disabilities, and Substance Abuse Services Individual: Daniel Mills Medicaid ID#:na Record Number:872644 Date:09/27/10 *Shift/Duration of Service:180minutes Purpose of Contact: Daniel will improve his self expression by learning to Appropriately communicate his feelings, wants and needs Appropriately. Daniel will also practice anger management techniques to ensure that he can successfully take commands without becoming upset. Intervention(s ) [what you did]: PP formulated self help coping skills that could assist Daniel with striving to decrease his angry outbursts while out in the community and within the home; and control his aggressive impulses and with time learn to eliminate these impulses. PP informed Daniel of the understand of anger and outbursts that harms others around him. If your anger is still spiraling out of control, despite putting the previous anger management techniques into practice, or if you’re getting into trouble with the law or hurting others you need more help. PP reinforced coping strategies that Daniel could use, such as looking at his regular routine and try to identify activities, times of day, people, places, or situations that trigger irritable or angry feelings . Then think about ways to avoid these triggers or view the situation
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Daniel2 - Service Notes Individual: Daniel Mills...

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