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Handout+Chpt+13+Programs-10 - Handout for Chapter 13...

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Handout for Chapter 13 Targeting social assistance programs Exogenous Household characteristics To change household characteristics shocks Household asset To increase access to assets Context where assets are used To improve the quality of the context Role of where the assets are used the Transfers To improve transfers state Behavior/Livelihood stategies To alter behavior Risk management & coping To respond to exogenous shocks Outcomes: Income, poverty, vulnerability, inequality, sustainability Asset accumulation influence Policy and programs social actors Political economy of policies Agency and political Other social actors Rural households as program implementation & programs Demand for accountability in Private actors/ Political economy rural households process Entry points for public interventions Figure 1. Conceptual framework for the definition of social protection policies and programs Instruments Programs to reduce chronic  poverty Programs to reduce vulnerability 
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  • Fall '10
  • Type I and type II errors, CCT, Conditional Cash Transfer, Conditional cash transfers, social assistance programs, transfers Cash transfers

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