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ESPM-EEP%202010%20Lecture%201 - ESPM 104/EEP 115 Fall...

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Unformatted text preview: ESPM 104/EEP 115 Fall 2010: Lecture 1 1. Bring up bspace site. 2. Introduce Liz Ohlsson and Chloe Lewis 3. Download and Review Syllabus 4. Discuss Worksets (download WS1 from Website, 9 x 25 pts ea) a. 0 if late, but still needed to complete the course b. students are encouraged to work together but MUST have own workset: STUDENTS WITH IDENTICAL WORKSETS, IF ONLY IN PART, WILL BOTH RECEIVE 0. 5. Discuss Lab Meetings with Liz and Chloe Mulford 124, Mon 9 ­11; We 1 ­3 6. Discuss Fisheries Project 7. Discuss Purchase of Class texts (e.g. Case, An Illustrated Guide to Theoretical Ecology, at Amazon) 8. Go to Kagi Website to Download Madonna (show how to get $29.95 version) 9. Download SSG 1.4 ­5, Power and Exp functions. a. Power Function and Exponents b. Exponential Growth, page 105 ­106 Fig. 1.34 c. Section 1.5, Ex. 1 10. Download SSG 1.7. a. Difference equations page 154 ­156. b. Ex 3, page 157, Drug delivery. c. We will come back to examples 4 and 6 later. 11. How to use Madonna to solve difference equations. a. Open Madonna b. Open a new Equations file. You may see something like this: METHOD RK4 or EULER (For difference equations use EULER) STARTTIME = 0 STOPTIME = 10 DT = 0.?? (For difference equations use DT=1) c. To run model type the following, x(t+1)=f(x(t)) for the case f(x)=xa and x(0)=0.2 type in Init X = x0 Next X = X^a a=0.5 x0=0.2 d. Look at Graph. e. Play around model by changing values of STOPTIME, x0, a, etc., and use sliders for convenience. 12. Download “Workset 1” and “Grading Notes for Workset 1” (Under Notes and Tips) ...
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