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Unformatted text preview: ESPM 104/EEP 115 Fall 2010: Lecture 7 1. Hastings (1997) Genetics, Chapt 3, p 41 ­54. 2. Disruptive selection: SSG 2.5, Ex. 9, p. 289 ­291. 3. Building models using the Punnett Square method (also mating and parent off ­spring tables): 4. Hardy ­Weinberg Principle: (for details see blackboard notes given in class or Section 3.3 of Hastings 1997) ­Weinberg_principle. 5. Derivation of equation in Group Project 2A, SSG 2.9, p. 348 (see Section 3.4 of Hastings 1997) 6. Deviations from Hardy ­Weinberg a. On going directional selection b. Drift in small populations (demographic stochasticity) c. Assortative mating vs. disassortative mating d. Mutations e. Spatial structure—Wahlund effect lowers expected levels of heterozygosity 7. Epigenetics a. Gene wars. NYTimes: parent conflict over fetus b. Hybrid Cats. ­ cats.htm c. Ligers versus Tigons. What is the answer to: why are ligers much bigger than tigons? d. Kin selection. ...
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