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School Quality Notes 1 School Quality If S H 0 6 denotes the mean schooling for 0-6 year olds in high program intensity regions, the we can measure the Program e/ect as being ± S = S H 0 6 S H 12 17 ± S L 0 6 S L 12 17 ± This represents the di/erence in the amount of schooling that you would receive if you were in a high program intensity region and exposed to the program versus not. There is a strong underlying assumption ±for this to be true, it²s important that any di/erences between high and low intensity regions are shared by 0-6 year olds and 12-17 year olds. In other words, nothing besides the program can have a/ected the education of 0-6 year olds in one of the two types of regions without a/ecting 12-17 year olds in that region as well. For a lot of things (e.g. local economic conditions), this sounds fairly reasonable. For some things, it may not be. For example, if high regions tend to be rural, and there was a 1
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change in agricultural technology in the same period of time which impacted the demand for child labor, and did so only in rural high program areas, that would violate the assumption. We could measure school quality in lots of dimensions: physical infrastructure class size teacher credentials teacher attendance peer quality In fact, there is a large literature looking at various of these dimensions, mostly in the US/Europe context, with surprisingly ambiguous results. Consider class sizes: What would be the problem of just regressing performance on class size? Schools with large Best studies exploit rules or randomizations. So, for example, in Israel there is a rule class reaches 40, it receives a second teacher. You can then compare classes with 38 or 39 students to classes with 40 or 41 students on the grounds that these are similar
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3SchoolQuality_2010 - School Quality Notes 1 School Quality...

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