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ENGR 13200 Ideas to Innovations Part II Fall 2010 HOMEWORK #5 Due: Class 5b To be submitted in Class 5b: Individually: 1. A printout of a properly labeled plot showing the scatter plot, the hand-drawn sketch of the regression line, and the regression equation using the two-point method . (problem 4) 2. A printout of the Output Section of your hmwk5_prob4_yourlogin.xlsx file. (problem 4) 3. A printout of the Calculation and Output Sections of your hmwk5_prob5_yourlogin.xlsx file. (problem 5) 4. A printout of your hmwk5_resistance_yourlogin.m file. (problem 6) 5. A printout of the plot with the original data plus regression line. (problem 6) You will complete the following part of MEA 1: 1. Team completion of Team Draft 2 with results 2. Team completion of a Peer Feedback on Your Peer Critique (PFYPC) for each Peer Critique your team received 3. Individual completion of the MEA Reflection It is critical that you complete all parts of the MEA 1 sequence. Failure to complete any part will lock you out of the rest of the sequence and could result in a grade of 0 on MEA 1. If you have already failed to complete any part of MEA 1, you are now blocked from completing the MEA 1 sequence. As long as one member of your team still has access, you can participate in the team components. 0. Reading Assignment MATLAB Textbook: Chapter 12: pp. 457-459; 461-462 Class Notes: pp. 11-17 1. MEA 1 Draft 2 This evaluation is to be completed by your entire team This problem is part of your MEA 1 grade.
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ENGR 13200 Ideas to Innovations Part II Fall 2010 Your team will complete your revision of your solution to MEA 1 – this was started in Class 2B. You will have access to your MEA 1 – MEA Team Draft 2 link after clicking the “Access MEA Tool” link on the WebForms page at: https://engineering.purdue.edu/ENE/WebformsFor/AvailableFor/engr132_10fal When you open the MEA 1 – Team Draft 2 link, you should see 3-4 Peer Critiques. At this time, Ollie Fiji would like your team to revise your MEA 1 Team Draft 1 procedure and provide documentation on the revisions. The data file ( travel_mode_dataset2.xlsx referred to in the memo) is available on Blackboard. Internal Memo To: Engineering Team From: Ollie Fiji, Executive Director, E3 Trans Consultants Re: Student Travel Mode Choice Thank you for your team’s initial procedure to predict student travel mode choice. The Planners Group now needs your team to refine that procedure using a larger survey data set from UCF students showing their chosen modes for trips from home to campus. The survey data is stored in an Excel file travel_mode_dataset2.xlsx . Again, the travel mode options for each student are walking, driving, or taking the bus/shuttle. Each trip starts when a student leaves the door of his/her homes and ends when s/he arrives at the door of the campus destination. The data provided includes these variables and the actual travel mode used by the student. The table below describes the data.
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