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Discussion Note EEM16 Week2 1. Canonical forms - Ex 2.41 Determine the sum of minterms and product of maxterms that are equivalent to E(x,y,z) = x’ + x (x’y+y’z)’ 2. Generalized DeMorgan’s theorem (A+B+C+D+…+Z)’=A’B’C’D’…Z’ (ABCD. ..Z)’=A’+B’+C’+D’+. ..+Z’ 3. Karanugh map – Exercise 5.8
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Unformatted text preview: 4. Gate Networks - Exercise 4.9 a. Find the expression of z1 and z0 in terms of input x1 and x0 5. Define gate , where A B=AB. Is it universal? 6. CMOS circuits, delay, and noise a. Exercise 3.3 Show the cmos circuit for the network below in (1) AND-NOR circuits and (2) Complex gates...
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