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Unformatted text preview: Discussion Note EEM16 Week4 1. Time behavior -> state description -> state diagram Ex. 7.11 Describe the time behavior of a modulo-p counter assuming that any of the p states can be the initial state. 2. Mealy and Moore machines 3. Minimize the number of states Ex. 7.18 x=a x=b N S,f Z,e O T,f Y,e P Y,e R,f Q W,f V,e R W,f Y,e S N,e V,e T Z,e Y,e U V,e Q,f V P,e N,f W X,e P,e X W,f N,e Y U,e Z,f Z T,f N,e 4. Pattern recognition Example. 7.18 Draw the state diagram of a sequential system that recognizes the pattern 0101011. ...
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