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Unformatted text preview: STUDENT LABORATORY REPORT FORMAT The Lab Report should be a clear and concise presentation of engineering work you performed, and must include all relevant aspects of the lab experiment or exercise. The lab report must be prepared (typed) with a word processor. Formatting in IEEE format is optional . You may download the template in Microsoft Word from the class website. Equations and schematics can be neatly drawn by hand if you dont want to use your word processors equation editor or drawing program. The report should include the following: I. Objective (2 points)- Write in a few sentences the objective of your experiment II. Introduction and Theory (10 points)- Describe the theory behind the experiment in few paragraphs. III. Results ( 10 points )- Present your results in a tabular format and draw graphs where needed. The checked-off sheet should also be attached at the end of the report....
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