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When and where: Tuesdays and Thursdays 2:00 PM-3:50 PM KNSY PV, Room 1200B Instructor: Prof. Mihaela van der Schaar, Office: Engineering IV, Rm. 58-109E Email: [email protected] , Website: http://www.ee.ucla.edu/faculty-van-der-schaar.htm Teaching Assistant: Hyunggon Park ( [email protected] ) and Martin S. Andersen ( [email protected] ) Office hours : Monday 11am-12pm (TA: Hyunggon Park) Tuesday 11am-12pm (TA: Martin S. Andersen) Wednesday 1pm-2pm (TA: Hyunggon Park) Thursday 11am-12pm (TA: Martin S. Andersen) Thursday 1pm-2pm (Instructor) Friday 1pm-2pm (Instructor) Office hours information We strongly encourage you to come to our office hours! Bring your questions and learn from other students' questions. Office hours serve as unstructured problem sessions. Problem statements will be clarified for the problem set you are currently working on, but these problems will not be discussed in detail. A full discussion of solutions will be given for problem sets after they have been submitted. Questions from the lectures will also be answered. When you talk to the instructor or TAs during office hours or after the lecture, please introduce yourself so that we can learn your names before the end of the quarter. Lectures and office hours are intended to be interactive. Do not be afraid to ask questions! Your feedback about all aspects of the course will be highly appreciated!! Website: http://www.eeweb.ee.ucla.edu Only students enrolled in the class will be able to access the website. Textbook and handouts:
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113_1_Course_information - EE113 Digital Signal Processing...

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