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EE113: Digital Signal Processing Spring 2008 Prepared by Prof. Mihaela van der Schaar, Martin Andersen, and Hyunggon Park Project General Instruction The goal of this project is to show you how digital signal processing concepts are used in diFerent applica- tions. The ±rst part of the project makes use of an interactive DSP website, DSPLAB, which will allow you to experiment with DSP applications and concepts. The second part of the project will guide you through a brief system analysis and digital image processing using MATLAB. General information: 1. Deadline: the project is due June 3, 2008 (Tuesday) , in class. 2. The ±nal report must include: – answers to all questions, – MATLAB code, where necessary, – MATLAB results/output (plots, etc.), where necessary. 3. ²inal report submission: turn in a paper copy of your ±nal report on the due date. Note that the project is an individual project which means that you must answer the questions individu- ally and submit your own ±nal project report. Discussion among the students, however, is highly encouraged. The contribution of this project to the ±nal grade is 14%. Project Description The project consists of 8 problems. The ±rst 6 problems explore 6 diFerent topics and can be found at: http://www.ee.ucla.edu/ ~ dsplab/ Each topic consists of the following sections: Overview: provides a useful description and background knowledge, Laboratory: provides interactive experiments used in the exercises, –Exe rc i se : provides several questions for the section. ²or each of the 6 topics, you should perform the experiments provided in the Laboratory section before you answer the questions in the Exercise section. If necessary, write MATLAB code and include both code and results/output (plots, etc.) in the report.
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20082ee113_1_EE113_project_SP08 - EE113: Digital Signal...

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