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Name: Section: 1 2 3 AGBI 410 Festival of Information 2 Spring 2007 4 5 Total Part I. (2 pts. Each) Directions: For each numbered statement, select the lettered item most closely related to it and place the letter in the space before each number. A. nucleotides H. A-DNA O. ester V. amylose B. ceramides I. B-DNA P. amide W. amylopectin C. polynucleotides J. Z-DNA Q. glycogen X. mRNA D. Riboflavin K. cellulose R. cellobiose Y. rRNA E. Vitamin K L. Cis -fatty acids S. progesterone Z. tRNA F. nickel M. Trans -fatty acids T. cortisol G. Platinum N. enzyme U. hemiacetal 1. Normal form of DNA found in solution. 2. Dehydrated form of DNA. 3. Biological catalyst. 4. Least abundant form of RNA. 5. In sphingolipids, sphingosine is joined to a fatty acid by this kind of linkage 6. steroid hormone that maintains pregnancy 7. Formed via catalytic hydrogenation or rumen digestion; associated with increased LDL cholesterol and cardiovascular disease 8. Phosphate esters of nucleosides 9. A water soluble vitamin 10. Homopolymer that consists of D-glucose monomers in an α (1 4) linkage
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Part 2. Multiple Choice (2 pts each) In the blank next to the numbers, place the letter of the choice that best fits each question or statement. 11. The double helix of DNA is characterized by: a. Two parallel strands wrapped together to form a right-handed helix. b. Equal molar ratio of the purine thymine to the pyrimidine adenine. c. Paired bases lying in a plane nearly perpendicular to the helix axis with a sugar- phosphate backbone. d.
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exam2S07 - Name: 1 2 3 AGBI 410 Festival of Information 2...

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