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ME 2001- 002 Homework # 1 Spring 2009 Important Notes: Solve the following problems on one side of the paper. Start each problem on the separate sheet. Please write all the intermediate steps for partial credit. Due Date: February 3, 2009 (Tuesday) 1. Consider the function gG±² ³ ± ´ µ 2± µ 3 ³ 0 . Consider the equation in the form of ± ³ ¶G±² ³ √2± · 3 . Using fixed-point iteration on the interval [2, 4], prove that the function will converge to a root. Then use a starting guess of
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Unformatted text preview: x = 4 and apply fixed-point iteration until a tolerance of 0.001 is reached between two successive iterations. Put your results in the given table. Show all calculations . Underline Root. i x i x i+1 tolerance 0 2. Calculate root of the nonlinear equation tan G using incremental search method with initial Guess 2 0.3 . Show all calculations . Underline interval of the root. i x i x i+1 f(x i ) f(x i+1 ) Sign 0...
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