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ME2001_HW3 - g(x for x as an input b Write a MATLAB...

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ME 2001-002 Homework # 3 Spring 2009 Due Date: February 24, 2009 (Tuesday) Write a well documented (add comment lines in function file as well as in main program to help user understand purpose of your program) MATLAB program to find real roots of a non-linear equation given below using Fixed-point Iteration Method . g1876g3404tan g4666g1876g4667 Start with g1876 g2868 g34042 , and tolerance tol = 0.005. Also limit your iterations to maxiter = 1000. Tasks: a.
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Unformatted text preview: g(x) for x as an input b. Write a MATLAB program (Script file) where you will call the function file mentioned above. Use flowchart given in the class. Submit the following: a. Main MATLAB code Save this program as ‘FirstnameLastname.m’ b. Function file. Save this function file as ‘FirstnameLastname_Fx.m’ Note: Use the sample program written for incremental search method....
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