HW 2 Fall 2010

HW 2 Fall 2010 - gravity of 2.6 What is the pressure in...

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ME 3720 HOMEWORK SET-2 DUE: 09/24/10 1. A barometric pressure of 19.4-in of Hg corresponds to what value of atmospheric pressure in psi, and in Pa? 2. A water filled U-tube manometer is used to measure the pressure inside a tank that contains air. The water level in the U-tube on the side that connects to the tank is 5-ft above the base of the tank. The water level in the other side of the U-tube (which is open to the atmosphere) is 2-ft above the base. Determine the pressure within the tank in lb/ft 2 and kPa . 3. A U-tube manometer is connected to a closed tank as shown in figure. The air pressure in the tank as shown is 0.50-psi and the liquid in the tank is oil (Sp. Wt. = 54.0-lb/ft 3 ). The pressure at point A is 2-psi. Determine: (i) the depth of oil ‘z’ (ii) the differential reading ‘h’ on the manometer 4. For the inclined tube manometer of figure, the pressure in pipe A is 0.6-psi. The fluid in both pipes A and B is water, and the gage fluid in the manometer has a specific
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Unformatted text preview: gravity of 2.6. What is the pressure in pipe B in psi corresponding to the differential reading shown? 1/2 5. Determine the elevation difference Δ h , between the water levels in the two open tanks shown. 6. A closed, 5-m tall tank is filled with water to a depth of 4-m. The top portion of the tank is filled with air which is at a 20-kPa. Determine the pressure that the water exerts on the bottom of the tank . 7. On the suction side of a pump a Bourdon pressure gage reads 40-kPa vacuum. What is the corresponding absolute pressure in kPa if the local atmospheric pressure is 100 kPa (abs)? 8. Manometer A reads 100-mm of water while manometer B reads ½-in of mercury. Which one is showing higher pressure? Explain with calculations . 9. As shown in the accompanying figure, pipe M contains carbon tetra chloride at 103.0-kPa while pipe N contains an oil at 171.6-kPa. . Find the difference ‘ x ’ between the levels of mercury. 2/2...
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HW 2 Fall 2010 - gravity of 2.6 What is the pressure in...

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