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HW 5 Fall 2010

HW 5 Fall 2010 - diameter inlet pipe as shown in Figure The...

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ME 3720 HOMEWORK SET-5 DUE: 10/29/10 1. Water and alcohol (SG=0.8) at the rate of 0.3 m 3 /s are mixed in a Y-duct as shown. What is the average density of the mixture of alcohol and water at the outlet? 2. Determine the volume flow rate (ft 3 /s) through the Venturi flow meter shown in the figure if P 1 -P 2 =3-psi, the flowing fluid is oil (ρ=897-kg/m 3 ), flow is steady, and loss per unit mass from (1) to (2) is negligible. 3. An incompressible fluid flows steadily along the pipe shown. Determine the direction of flow and the head loss over the 6-m length of pipe. 1/2
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4. Explain ‘Pitot Static Tube’ using a sketch. Indicate the points in the sketch where static pressure and total pressure are sensed. 5. What is the maximum power output of the hydroelectric turbine shown? 6. Water is supplied at 150-ft 3 /s and 60-psi to a hydraulic turbine through a 3-ft inside
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Unformatted text preview: diameter inlet pipe as shown in Figure. The turbine discharge pipe has a 4-ft inside diameter. The static pressure at section (2), 10-ft below the turbine inlet, is 10-in Hg vacuum. If the turbine develops 2500 hp, determine the power lost from (1) to (2) . 7. A conical tube is fixed vertically with its smaller end upwards. The velocity of flow down the tube is 4.5-m/s at the upper end and 1.5-m/s at the lower end. The tube is 1.5-m long and the pressure head at the upper end is 3.1-m of the liquid. The loss in the tube expressed as a ‘head’ is -g 2 ) V V ( 3 . 2 2 1 where V 1 and V 2 are the velocities at the upper and lower ends respectively. What is the pressure at the lower end ? 2/2...
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