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ME 3023 Measurements in Mechanical Systems Extra Homework Fall 2010 Important Note: Solve the following problems on one side of the Engineering graph paper. Please write all the intermediate steps for partial credit. Start each problem on the separate sheet if you utilize more than half of the paper. Due Date: In class on December 01, 2010 (Wednesday) 1. (20 points) Two strain gages are mounted so that they sense axial strain on a steel member in uniaxial tension as shown in the figure below. The 120 Ω gages form two legs of a Wheatstone bridge and are mounted on the opposite arms. For a bridge excitation voltage of 4 V and a
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Unformatted text preview: bridge output voltage of 120 μ V under load, estimate the strain in the member. What is the resistance change experienced by each gage? The gage factor for each of the strain gages is 2, and Modulus of Elasticity for steel is E = 29 × 10 6 psi. 2. (10 points) A round member having a cross-sectional area of 3 cm 2 experiences an axial load of 10 kN. Two strain strain gages are mounted on the member, one measuring as axial strain of 600 μ± , and the other measuring a lateral strain of -163 μ± . Determine the modulus of elasticity and Poisson’s ratio for this material....
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