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CE371_Spring2011_Homework01 - figure below If the suspended...

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CE 371 – Structural Analysis I Homework #1 due 28 January 2011, Friday, 8:30am A. Reading assignments: 1. Read Chapters 1 and 2 2. Start reading Chapter 3. B. Problem assignments: 1. A building wall consists of 12-in. clay-brick and 2x4 unplastered woodstuds on both sides. If the wall is 8 ft high, determine the load the wall exerts on the floor in pounds per foot (plf) length of wall. See Ch.1of Hibbeler or course website for various load and material information. 2. The second floor of a light manufacturing building is constructedfrom a 5-in. thick stone concrete slab with an added 4-in. cinder concrete slab with an added 4-in. cinder concrete fill as shown in the
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Unformatted text preview: figure below. If the suspended ceiling of the first floor consists of metal lath and gypsum plaster, determine the dead load for design in pounds per square foot of floor area. 3. Determine the reactions on the beam. The support at B can be assumed as a roller. 4. Determine the vertical reactions at the supports A and B . Assume A is a roller and B is a pin. 5. Demonstrate that the structure shown is statically determinate, and then determine the reactions....
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