English 11 Review and Assess 1

English 11 Review and Assess 1 - 5. He draws the readers...

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David Park English 11 Review and Assess 1 Literary Analysis 1. Dialogue: Abigail: Now, Betty dear, wake up now. It’s Abigail. Stage Direction: Abigail: She sits Betty up and furiously shakes her. I’ll beat you, Betty. This show that Abigail a very control person would make anyone do whatever she wants. 2. That they had something going on with each other. Their relationship seems like that Abigail really likes John but John is already married so she can’t have him. 3. (A) To show the readers what it was like and how they basically lived during that time. (B) I think it is address the reader and trying to get the readers to understand and seem the setting. 4. It just seem like it explain Salem and what year and what season it was. Explain the different aspects of Salem basically.
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Unformatted text preview: 5. He draws the readers into a suspicion so the readers get more attached to what is happening. 6. He talks about Hales background and basically what things he achieved kind of gloating about Hale. Vocabulary 1. Gratify means to satisfy or agree with. 2. Grateful means to deeply appreciative of kindness or benefits received. 3. Congratulate means to express pleasure to a person. Spelling 1. Ignition 2. Observance Concept Development 1. Calumny 2. Inculcation 3. Dissembling 4. Licentious 5. Propitiation 6. Ingratiating 7. Predilection Grammar 1. Him 2. Her 3. Her 4. Me 5. Her James cares for the new girl in school but cares more for his girlfriend than her. We got in trouble but I was blamed more than him. She is smart, but Jessica is stronger than her....
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English 11 Review and Assess 1 - 5. He draws the readers...

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