English 11 The Crucible Act 1

English 11 The Crucible Act 1 - because he is knows a lot...

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David Park English 11 The Crucible Act 1 1. Yes, I was surprised that the people in the town would just believe accusation that these young girls were making. It was obvious that these girls were just trying to gain attention and wanted power. 2. (A) She is in bed not moving and not responsive. (B) She says that they were dancing in the forest. (C) The main concern seems like that he believes that they might be witches in the town of Salem and they have bewitched these girls. 3. (A) Once they are alone, Abigail basically updates the girls on what had happen so far and basically threatens them not to tell others about drinking blood as a charm to kill Elizabeth Proctor. (B) This basically suggests that something is with Abigail and Elizabeth and one of them is going to die. 4. (A) Reverend Hale is a Reverend who knows a lot about witchcraft. (B) He is contacted
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Unformatted text preview: because he is knows a lot about witchcraft and wants him to come to sends witchcraft out of these children. (C) I dont think he is very reasonable he doesnt take into reason and is being kind of stupid by listening to these children. 5. (A) She used to work for the Proctors and had basically had a relationship which John Proctor therefore hating John Proctors wife. (B) She hates her with a passion and wants her basically dead so she and John Proctor can get married. 6. (A) Basically they are turning on each other and not able to trust anyone but themselves. (B) Sarah Good and Goody Osburn were accused by Tituba. 7. The Swine Flu caused a general hysteria making California fear that they might get it and die. This generated a lot of people into a state of being sick. Things like that would cause a society to be fearful....
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English 11 The Crucible Act 1 - because he is knows a lot...

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