English 11 the Crucible Act 2

English 11 the Crucible Act 2 - forgive you and they dont...

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David Park English 11 The Crucible Act 2 1. I found the most intriguing character to be John Proctor because he seems like he is most in tune with reality. He is the only one that knows that these girls are telling lies. 2. (A) Brings a doll to her. (B) What is significant about this gift is the fact that Abigail gave to Mary to give to Goody Proctor. 3. (A) Because the fact that she is doing this all for John Proctor and her to get together. (B) Yes I think it compelling enough for the counsel to believe that they are faking all of this. 4. (A) She confesses to save herself. (B) It would save her because if you confess God will
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Unformatted text preview: forgive you and they dont have to hang you. 5. (A) That these girls are taking over Salem and have control over Salem. (B) Mary Warren could be used to tell the truth about what is really going on. 6. (A) John Proctors says that. (B) That these things are really serious not just to annoy. 7. Its surprising because she is a good Christian women and no would basically suspect her. 8. Yes because I didnt suspect the Ezekiel Cheever her friend would do that to her....
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